Trousers! The bane of our lives.


I have a pair of skinny stretch jeans which I bought from M&S a good 8-10 years ago (yes, I’m a hoarder  – but one finds it difficult to throw away well fitted items that do not exist anymore)

The past couple of years when I have gone shopping specifically for a pair of jeans, I have returned home empty handed feeling like I must have the most odd shape and proportioned in the most bizarre way.

I always went to M&S in hope to find a pair that fit as well as my old falling to pieces pair – however, I have noticed that sizing within the last 5 years has changed dramatically and it’s getting worse I have to say.

I decided to go to Levi. Now, Levi specialise in trousers and denim, so I had high hopes and I was even willing to pay £90.

The sales assistants where all men and did not have the knowledge to advise me on what style I should try.

I tried to explain that I am a pear shape and my waist is 2 sizes smaller than my hips and thighs – yet still it didn’t sink in.

My waist size in a Levi trouser would not get past my thighs.

I recently tried a pair of jeans on from Whistles; I managed to pull them all the way up and zipped them – yet couldn’t bend my legs as there was not enough fabric movement/give in the upper leg.

If I go to a larger size it would be too large on my waist.

This problem seems to be a reoccurring issue throughout the industry.


Fashion companies buy into sizing statistics which (depending on their specific market) the measurements will be used for their base size block patterns and the grading increments.

They will also buy the mannequins that are evenly proportioned from these averaged out size statistics.

So pattern cutters are creating patterns and fitting samples to mannequins that are very skinny representations of female sizes.

Now, don’t get me wrong all  fashion houses will have fit models and conduct wash and wearer trials; but they purposely use women who match the size proportions of the base sizes.

And how many women are there with such perfect measurements and proportions?


Don’t get me wrong again, brands can not cater for every single shape and size; there would be hundreds of trouser styles and sizings and brands would not have the time to develop hundreds of trousers each season – so I do, slightly, understand the terrible sizing available on the market.

However, it wouldn’t hurt for brands to do a little more research into female shape and sizing, especially for curvaceous women.

Common issues include, the crutch doesn’t fit well and can look terrible, lack of movement and give in the legs, gaping at the back waist, the rise on the front or back isn’t long enough, leg length.



Women should not have to suffer with ill fitted clothing. Clothing is a way to express yourself, feel liberated and beautiful. Trousers, in my opinion are THE most unresearched, undeveloped garment there is and something needs to be done about it. (because I’m getting sick of it)




L x