Last weekend I was able to (last minute) take part in Nottingham’s Independent Fashion Festival.


I showcased some of my designs on the Friday night. The models did a wonderful job and even though I wasn’t able to use more curvaceous bodies the clothes still looked lovely on them – just a more “drapey” vibe!

Lobster Necklace – Tatty Devine

Clothing – Laura Worthington Designs

Photography – Spencer Jones

That’s the great thing regarding my shirt/coat designs – I pattern cut to a base size 20 – yet smaller sizes down to a 12 can wear them in a loose fitting style and look beautiful in them. The trousers and leggings were made for myself (size 12/14) so slightly fit the models anyway.

Photography – Trevor Hamilton Photography

On the Saturday it was the Creative market. Which was a struggle to set up. Heres me not knowing what to do…

But with the help of my dear family and Boyfriend Theo we together managed to turn my space into a great exhibition of my work!


Really pleased with myself for overcoming my anxieties and nerves and show casing my work to the public who were so accepting and gave me a lot of compliments and confidence about what I stand for and what I love doing!




The only disappointing aspect of the weekend was that not many people knew about it and a lot more advertising could have been done. I feel the event depended too much on the designers and artists to advertise through their social medias, word of mouth and family and friends. However, on the positive side I met some lovely creatives with great ideas and products and I gained a few new contacts and followers.




L x